Law360 Article: ITC Standard-Essential Pat...

Law360 Article: ITC Standard-Essential Patent Remedies Shouldn’t Be Curbed

AMS TRADE LLP Managing Partner, Deanna Okun, published an article entitled “ITC Standard-Essential Patent Remedies Shouldn’t be Curbed” in Law360 on July 22, 2022. As intellectual property rights have been a foundational pillar of U.S. innovation originating from the U.S. Constitution, the importance of enforcement at the border is more important than ever before.

In the article, Okun notes, “I remain hopeful, in light of the ITC’s statutory obligation to issue an exclusion order, except where such relief would be contrary to statutorily defined public interest factors, that the commission will not hesitate to issue a remedy if it finds a violation based on infringement of a SEP.” Law360 is a one-stop source for legal news and analysis, providing real-time coverage of issues that impact business leaders, regulators, and lawyers.


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