Export Controls & Compliance

Navigating the Complex Regulatory Environment

Exports of U.S. origin products and technology are subject to a complicated web of regulations overseen by several federal agencies. The network of regulations and constantly changing rules can present difficulties when seeking to realize comprehensive compliance.

AMS TRADE assists U.S. firms, their foreign trading partners, and transportation and cargo carriers with navigating through and beyond this complex and ever-evolving regulatory environment to achieve compliance with U.S. export controls. Whether you need a one-time license, a comprehensive export program, or are seeking information on possible restrictions to exporting your product or service, we can help.

Export Compliance

AMS TRADE advises clients in developing, implementing, auditing, and evaluating internal control policies, procedures, programs, and protocols that ensure compliance with export regulatory schemes. We advise clients on how these laws apply to their distinct operational business activities and provide parallel regulatory training for company professionals at all levels and as needed. We also assist clients by advising on corresponding counseling, classification, and licensing matters inherent in export compliance.

Export Enforcement Actions

If you believe an export violation may have occurred, AMS TRADE provides the requisite experience, know how, and proven track record to achieve the best possible resolution for your company. We help clients prepare and submit voluntary disclosures of violations to the relevant government agencies, navigate enforcement actions, and work to obtain the most favorable possible result.

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