International Trade Policy

The Intersection of Trade Policy and Litigation

International trade law represents a unique intersection of law and policy that requires direct experience and honed skills in guiding clients through changing political environments and maintaining awareness of distinct business objectives. AMS TRADE operates at the heart of the intersection of trade policy and litigation – a dedicated position we have held for many decades. We are effective guardians of the international trade policy of businesses, trade associations, and nongovernmental organizations.

Strategic Advice

AMS TRADE knows that protecting market position and intellectual property are key to modern success and prosperity. We provide strategic advice that positions our clients beyond the complex array of legal and advocacy options available to them – particularly when the stakes are highest. Our firm:

  • Helps clients determine their options and the best course of action under a range of trade remedy statutes and policy options, and guides them to the most appropriate forum for the resolution of their matter.
  • Prepares proactive, tactical client plans and facilitates advocacy and outreach that offers the greatest opportunity for leveraging positive outcomes.
  • Understands the interconnected nature of government, business, and the private sector – our earned experience and know-how enable us to coordinate client efforts with similarly-aligned industry and nongovernmental partners.

Trade Policy

AMS TRADE’s Washington, D.C. location is ideal for advising clients on the potential impact of trade policy initiatives by government agencies. Our attorneys understand the ‘wonk’ culture inside the Beltway and can translate client business objectives into actionable policy recommendations. We:

  • Monitor domestic and international political and legislative developments that impact client interests.
  • Prepare correspondence and issue papers for legislative and executive officials.
  • Draw upon our extensive network of contacts with key decision-makers in Congress and government agencies when representing our clients.
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